Insurance Coverage for Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance Coverage

Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance is provided by Willamette University for the benefit of our student intercollegiate athletes to assist in payment for athletic accidents or related conditions that result in injury. This coverage is offered as an EXCESS OR SECONDARY plan. Under the terms of the policy, the coverage is considered a secondary payer to all other valid and collectable medical insurance policies. Most common would be parental insurance coverage through place of employment under which the student athlete is covered as an eligible dependent.

If you have Kaiser or Group Health Insurance outside of Oregon, it will expedite treatment if an Oregon Kaiser number is assigned to you.

The Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance is comprehensive, but it has standard limitations. It does not cover expenses due to illness or non-athletic-related injuries. Only bills incurred within a period of 104 weeks from the date of the injury are covered. Catastrophic insurance is also provided through the NCAA and must be initiated within the same two year period.

Previously Existing Injury

An injury that occurred prior to the athletes’ participation in or outside of a Willamette University sponsored intercollegiate sport event or practice or without yearly medical clearance through the Willamette University medical screening is considered a pre-existing condition. Though the Sports Medicine Team will provide treatment for a pre-existing injury, the Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance Plan does not provide coverage for these conditions. A medical release from attending physician should be provided to the training staff following treatment.

The student-athlete would be responsible for any expenses incurred while receiving treatment that was not covered by their primary insurance for injuries that occurred outside of a Willamette University sponsored intercollegiate sports event or practice.

Non-Athletic Related Injury

Reporting Procedures

Injuries sustained outside of Willamette University intercollegiate athletics MUST be reported to a Certified Athletic Trainer at the student’s earliest convenience. If the student-athlete chooses to be seen by someone other than the University’s Health Center Medical staff or the Sports Medicine Staff, written documentation regarding the condition must be provided and reviewed prior to return to athletic activity.

The final decision whether a student athlete may participate in any varsity sport activity rests with the University’s Team Physician.

Injury Reporting Procedures

It is the responsibility of the student athlete to report all injuries to the Certified Athletic Trainers as soon as possible. The Sports Medicine Staff will make all of the necessary medical referrals as indicated. The athlete should at no time seek outside medical attention for an athletic related injury without prior authorization from the Sports Medicine staff, unless the injury results in a medical emergency.

*Medical treatment must begin within 90 days from date of Accident or onset of symptoms.

What to do if you have an injury:

  • Notify your coach and Head Athletic Trainer of the injury to insure coverage.
  • Confirm that a claim has been submitted for your injury
  • Follow the Athletic Trainers instructions
  • Obtain the Willamette Sport Policy Insurance Card from the Willamette Athletic Trainers. Give the medical provider your primary insurance card as well as your secondary Willamette Sport Policy billing information.
  • Questions call SaVanna Kraal, Student Insurance Coordinator at Bishop Wellness Center at (503) 370-6972.

*Note: Students who are enrolled in Kaiser Permanente or Group Health need to obtain an Oregon Visiting ID number from Kaiser Member Services (800) 972-7207. Please obtain an Oregon Visiting ID number before coming to school, not having this Oregon Visiting ID number could put a delay on medical treatment from a Kaiser facility.

*Students may want to consider purchasing the Willamette Student Health Insurance Policy (PacificSource Health Plans) to ensure robust medical coverage in Salem, OR.

It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to secure all bills and payment receipts for submission.

Referrals to Off-Campus Physicians or Medical Specialist

All student athlete ‘off-campus’ medical referrals MUST have prior authorization from the Sports Medicine Staff. Proper documentation must be reviewed before clearance for return to participation in athletics will be given.